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Startup Companies under the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program

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AUISET Biotechnology Company Limited


AUISET Biotechnology Company Limited is a start-up company mainly focus on two technologies:

1) Synthesis of polymer coated AIE chromophores (AIE Cores) and Binding of AIE chromphhores with desired antibodies (AIE markers)
2) Selling the AIE markers to the global market

Infitech Limited


Infitech Ltd is a start-up company incorporated in HK in January 2018. Its founders encompass a team of professionals, including scientists specializing in the human brain's nervous system area and experienced business management personnel.

Leveraging the over two-decade research findings...

iPV Limited


We worked on nanomaterial synthesis and applications for many years. Among that, we developed nano-copper based conductive paste for use in photovoltaic applications. Our copper paste gets excellent electrical conductivity and its formulation can be adjusted for use in various applications.

Ocean Science (Hong Kong) Limited


Ocean Science has developed a series of natural product derived anti-foulant coating for marine paint manufacturers, for the purpose of preventing accumulations of aquatic organisms on submerged surfaces. Attachment of aquatic organisms on man-made surfaces (such as ship hulls, oil platforms,...

SGC Cosmotech (Hong Kong) Company Limited


SGC Cosmotech Company Limited is a startup company hereinafter referred to as SGC Group. The company is a Hong Kong University of Science and Technology enterprise...